In addition to estimating, our group participated in design decisions, evaluations, value engineering, programming, preliminary project costs, licensing, etc. This puts us one step ahead when we reach the construction phase.

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ACS Group is a General Contractor located in the Boston area, massachusetts.
Founded in 2004, ACS Group has been progressively developing in the construction segment.
A general contractor company specialized in the construction of commercial and residential buildings.
We work closely with our clients to ensure their highest satisfaction, seeking to understand their goal and to help them reach it. We rely on experienced professionals such as architects, designers, engineers, entrepreneurs and other valuable partners, including an accredited LEED AP who contributes to our environmentalist vision Our relationship with clients, co-workers, employees and subcontractors is founded on trust to provide quality in all our projects.


Pre Construction

In addition to estimating, our group has participated in design decisions, evaluations, value engineering, scheduling, design preliminary costs, permitting, etc. It puts us steps ahead when we get to the construction phase.


ACS Group delivers planned coordination of the construction phase, strong partnership with subcontractors, high quality workmanship, aggressive schedule and overall budget awareness. Our team works diligently to foster cooperation and mutual respect on all projects. We provide safety plans and effective cost control reports to better monitor our budget awareness

Post Construction

Prompt coordination of punch lists, efficient sign offs and quick certificate of occupancy is also provided.Once work is completed we will secure sign offs on all permits, and provide post cleaning.

We have referred ACS group to several clients, because we know they will get the job done right. They have a seasoned staff who are well trained and attentive.

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ACS Group Inc

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Contact: 1-617-381-0822

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